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Retina-X Spyware Cleaner 1.5

Retina-X Spyware Cleaner is a spyware cleaner developed by Retina-X Studios
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Retina-X Studios, LLC

Retina-X Spyware Cleaner is a free anti-spyware program developed and published by Retina-X Studios. With this handy and versatile (and free) spyware cleaner you will be able to protect your personal computer as have you always wanted: efficiently and with little cost.

Sometimes, you will experience strange things that occur to your computer behavior, these events can be caused by spyware infections. But what is more concerning is the fact that this kind of malware (spyware and adware) will send data back to an author's site in a silent way, this information can be used to track your activities for its later utilization in advertising purposes; and finally result in popups and other appearing problems. There is also a chance for your personal information to be stolen.

Retina-X Spyware Cleaner enables users to restore security and performance of their systems by scanning and erasing all traces of spyware on their computers. In addition its database is frequently updated. Its results will reflect right in your Internet browsing experience, applications loading and functioning speed, overall system usage, and other aspects.

For your composure, you can exclude all the objects you do not want the program to scan.

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